• Dates

    May 3-5, 2024

    Friday - Sunday

  • Location

    Arctic Edge Ice Arena

    46615 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI 48188

  • Cost

    $1,500 per team

    Max (9) skaters and (1) goalie per team, but welcome to have less skaters.

    5 game guarantee

  • Divisions (age groups)





All games will be played at the same arena - Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton, MI. Games will begin on Friday evening with the championship game on Sunday. Each team will play one game Friday evening, two games Saturday, and a guaranteed semi-final game Sunday followed by the Championship game. All registered players will be required to check in and have a medical release waiver on file prior to their first game. These can be completed electronically via the Registration page.

Registration closes April 19, 2024 .

What You Get

  • All teams are guaranteed 5 games. The top 4 teams in each age division will play for the championship in a playoff format. The bottom 4 teams will play for consolation.
  • Each player will receive a jersey
  • Each player will receive a hat
  • Tournament winner will receive $1,000 cash prize

Format and Rules

  • 3v3 cross ice
  • 15-15-15 run time periods with a 5 minute warmup
  • NO CONTACT - this is a no checking event with a zero tolerance policy
  • Penalties will result in a penalty shot
  • Games tied at the end of regulation will result in a 3-player shootout
  • Game time schedule will be released two weeks before the start of the event

Why 3v3 Cross Ice?

When you break it down, a hockey game is an accumulation of small area battles at different areas of the ice. We have leveraged the American Development Model (ADM) which is based on key tenets taken from research and best practices in youth sports, human development, coaching, and the sports science that promote sustained physical activity, health & safety, and age-appropriate development. This holistic athlete development approach addresses the four domains of sports performance.

  • Technical – sport skills
  • Tactical – game IQ
  • Physical – fitness and athleticism
  • Psychological – focus, motivation, etc.

Highlighted benefits of the 3v3 cross ice model include:

More Opportunities for Skill Development (Technical): With fewer players on the ice and a condensed playing area, each player tends to be more engaged and naturally touches the puck more frequently. This can help improve a player's stickhandling, passing, and shooting skills.

More Creativity (Tactical): With less time and space on the ice, there is more opportunity for creativity and improvisation. This can help develop hockey sense and decision-making skills.

Improved Cardiovascular Endurance (Physical): Smaller ice surfaces tend to be more fast-paced, with more back-and-forth action. This promotes increased fitness levels and athleticism.

More Fun (Psychological): Playing 3v3 hockey is simply more fun for many players, especially in the offseason. With more puck touches, more opportunities for skill development, and more creative play, players are likely to enjoy the game more, which can help keep them engaged and motivated to continue playing.